How do I accept payments on my website? Part 1

I have had the misfortune of having to explain to few of my friends over the last few weeks that selling cards (or urging customers to part with their cash using plastics) is not the same as accepting payments on websites.
Nigeria is going through financial transformation where the CBN itself is at the forefront of electronic payment. That really sucks. I mean, CBN? What about all the fancy banks who blow their hollow trumpets about being the first in this or that.
Back to my rants.
Big question is, if I were to have a website today, how do I get my customers, or visitors or maybe church member to pay for something online? That was actually the questions my friends wanted answers for. Nobody really asked me to go into a sugar-fueled ranting about nothingness.
So in my next post, we would walk that journey together hoping to find where it leads us. ,

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