Old geeks die hard

So here I’m, sitting and swearing at my desk trying to solve a server side graphing problem. How did I end up here?
You see, I should have transitioned from geek to management but the devil inside some computer just wouldn’t leave my tail alone. I have got that long thing trapped in a server door. Lord have mercy.
Anyway, what’s make some hair gray is that Adobe, in its tiny non-existent wisdom, made a mess of charting in CF11. I bet I’m the last person (OK, including some random dude in my office) left on earth who still do sh*t in Coldfusion. So I spent the whole day trolling the web like a serial killer, looking for some random piece of whatever to solve this problem.
Meanwhile I already preached the parable of the bulldog to my unfortunate colleagues yesterday. A bulldog, as long as it isn’t in Calabar, never gives up. So how dare I give up on this today? Truth is, I think I made up that parable. I can’t even remember if a bulldog doesn’t run away at the slightest sound of trouble. Which bull dog wants a stone on the head?
I need a hefty lunch.

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