4K TV – The New Gimmick in Town

I have tripped over more 4K TV cables in the last few weeks than all the bus drivers bashing cars in Lagos.

Suddenly 4K became the rave. You wonder what 4K is? 4K is to HDTV as HDTV is to SDTV. If you don’t know SDTV, you may want to read here. 4K is sometimes called UHD by purists. But purists be damned!

4K allows incredible fidelity of visual content. You only need to see any of those monsters on display and you are hooked forever. The biggest challenge is content though. Without a native 4K content, there is nothing glorious and orgasmic to see.

So there lies my problem – what are the 4K TVs doing in Nigeria? There are no 4K discs to watch and the internet is too poor to stream 4K content from the internet.

I guess maybe LG and Samsung are playing on guys’ greed or maybe lack of awareness. As far as I’m concerned, this is just an expensive gimmickry.

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Author: Adedeji Olowe

Adedeji / a bunch of bananas ate a monkey /

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