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The strong also fail and it’s no big deal

Sometimes you just need to know when to call it quits. Does that make you a loser? Hell no! Or maybe. You can’t be sure until it’s all over. The way it is, the most important thing is to win the war but you may lose some battles or side street skirmishes in the interest […]

The end of the world is holographic and unreal

Ok, I’m an armchair futurist but I’m not ashamed of that at all. How could one be ashamed of the progress Microsoft has with HoloLens? That sh*t simply blows the mind away! Yeah, my mind got blown with the scary realities of VR and I haven’t been able to find the pieces since. In a nutshell, HoloLens turns […]

Using Outlook.com for your Custom Domain/Email

Google Apps rocks, we all know that. Google knows we know that. So they yanked the rug off our feet. Google Apps started with 500 free users then 50, then 10. Now nothing. Some of my friends have joined the vanity bandwagon of your [email protected] but as vain guys go, we are cheap. We want […]