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How Do I Accept Payments on my Website? Part 5

The adventure with Magento for web payment came to a crashing end faster than I thought. Like my previous post explained, Magento is extremely powerful and highly configurable. However it doesn’t lend itself to ease of deployment or management. It has just way too many settings and configurations that could drive even a mad man […]

How do I Accept Payments on my Website? Part 4

The adventure to put up an ecommerce website has been a very exciting one. Or maybe that’s what I wished for. I got the website up and running with great support from; slapped on an SSL; got a merchant account from the bank and also the integration document. Then it stopped looking like an […]

How do I Accept Payments on my Website? Part 3

I finally dragged myself out of an immense lethargy to continue with my experiment. A quick read-up on Magento (trolling the web for reviews) shows that one needs to get a decent hosting package to get the best out of it. I searched for a reasonable hosting (reasonable meaning I wouldn’t be putting up my […]

How do I accept payments on my website? Part 2

In my last post, I mused about finding a simple way to accept payments on a website. That is a nebulous statement and it is as fuzzy as any nebulous cloud could be. Coincidentally one of my friends (not sure if this merchant is actually a friend. Let’s just say that’s it) came up to […]

How do I accept payments on my website? Part 1

I have had the misfortune of having to explain to few of my friends over the last few weeks that selling cards (or urging customers to part with their cash using plastics) is not the same as accepting payments on websites. Nigeria is going through financial transformation where the CBN itself is at the forefront […]

Lagos Cashless Initiative; Strapped to a Whimpering Rocket

The Cashless Initiative should rocket the economy of Nigeria to greater heights. That was the plan. Picture the Nigerian economy precariously strapped to the back of a badass rocket standing ramrod straight in the sweltering sun. Yes, the sun in Lagos is something else. Then the CBN Governor steps forward gallantly to light the rocket […]

America goes Fish, Chip and PIN (EMV), at last

What most people find hard to believe is that USA, and India, two of the most technological advanced countries (well, it could be tough believing that for India if you have been there) still use magstripe cards. Magstripes are unsafe (easy to clone and super error prone) and so yesterday that I wouldn’t be surprised […]