How do I Accept Payments on my Website? Part 4

The adventure to put up an ecommerce website has been a very exciting one. Or maybe that’s what I wished for.

I got the website up and running with great support from; slapped on an SSL; got a merchant account from the bank and also the integration document.

Then it stopped looking like an adventure.

Magento is powerful, indeed powerful enough to run some of the most complex shopping websites out there. In fact, I have a friend who’s contracted some dudes in India to help him use Magento for an online shopping mall.

Magento has settings for apparently everything under the sun. Getting the basic shop online has been one hell of a job that I’m still grappling with. There are gazillion settings and codes and parameters and yada yada to check and configure.

Or maybe I’m getting old and em, em, gray and this is for script kiddies. Or maybe not.

The good news is I should get this fixed before the end of the week and then we can put a pretty makeup of a nice theme on it.

Until then I need more than 5 truckloads of luck.

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Author: Adedeji Olowe

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