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The real independence is from PHCN

October 1 is regarded as our national independence day although I’m not so sure if we are really free. The British may have gone but PHCN is still around, in some transformed way. I was reading about the latest upset planned by Elon Musk and I had a good smile. Today, my day is made. […]

Hacking your way into the company of gods

Lucy was a thoroughly shitty movie. It was so bad I was physically restrained at the cinemas from crawling into the screen and giving everyone an uppercut; not even Scarlett Johansson could distract me. Ok, that wasn’t possible but my-my, I wish I could. The deeper narrative wasn’t lost on me, though – humanity has […]

Fermi Paradox Keeps Me Up At Night

I have always been fascinated by Fermi Paradox but nothing captures this better than this link. Read but I doubt if you will enjoy it:

The end is nigh. Artificial Intelligence

BEGIN Like an errant kid the world is surely bent on killing itself. This time around even the cockroaches won’t be spared. If you think that someone is going to throw a nuclear bomb, think about it, who wants to die when MAD (mutually assured destruction) is a known consequence? Not even a super power […]

Fermi Paradox, Time Travel and my Non-Visiting Grand Children

Recently bored, I found myself reading about Fermi Paradox. You see, quite a lot of scientists believe that there are intelligent beings outside planet earth – we just need to fly out there and shake their hands, if they actually have hands that can be shaken. In fact, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence can trace […]